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Does your brand sound the way you think it sounds?

Because a lot of businesses are so caught up in thinking about what they want to say that they forget to pay attention to how they say it.

I mean the particular words and phrases they choose and how they string them together.

You know, the stuff that actually shows people what a brand is like rather than just what they’re selling.

And when they forget about that stuff, well… they end up sounding like the hospice I once worked with whose website promised warm and compassionate end-of-life care – but in the abrasive and detached style of a terrifying 1950s school matron.

Or the smart-city network shouting about all their cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurial innovation – but with endlessly convoluted sentences weighed down with stale, stuffy language.

Or the longstanding accountancy firm assuring people they were keeping pace with the times – but using seriously tired slang, awkward puns, and a bewildering slew of exclamation marks.

Because no matter what you say, it’s how you sound that usually sticks with people.

So your company might well have a cracking character – but can your potential customers see it through your marketing?

Or is your brand’s voice actually blocking people’s view of your brilliance?

If you want to find out, let’s run an MOT on your sound

That means letting me comb through all your company communications, from your website and social presence to email signatures and signs around the office, pulling together a clear picture of the personality you’re projecting right now.

I’ll get to know your audience a bit too, digging into their expectations and listening out for the kind of language they use to talk about what you offer. Plus I’ll take a peek at some of your competitors, to get a feel for the context of your voice.

Then I’ll get together with your team to talk through what I’ve found (complete with a slick little slide deck for you all to keep, in case you don’t immediately commit to memory every word I utter) and I’ll give you some practical suggestions for how to bridge the gap between where your voice is now and where you want it to be.

Interested? Then let’s talk cash money.

My brand voice audits are


(And I don’t charge VAT, so that’s the actual final amount in real English pounds. Winner.)


Ready to look beyond what you say and find out how you sound?


Straight from the horse’s mouth*

One of the best business decisions we have made was to have a workshop with Bethany, both to understand what our brand voice was already saying about us and decide what we actually wanted it to be saying. A great investment in time and money, as it continues to pay dividends every day in so many ways, and constantly helps us to remember who and what we are, and why we come to work every day. Thanks again Bethany!

Lynda Oliver, Head of HR, Marketing and Media at home eye care marvels The Outside Clinic

Beth is a unique talent and by far the best wordsmith I’ve worked with. Her brand voice workshop helped us to make our tone of voice tangible and relevant, and Beth was great at engaging everyone. She is imaginative, creative and extremely good at her craft, and her attention to detail is second to none. She’s also fun to work with and I highly recommend her.

Helen Henshaw, CAO for ultra-smart foodservice software Qnetex

The investment we made in Bethany’s work was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best investment in our business so far. She listened so thoughtfully, asking smart, relevant questions, and then took all our passion and ideas and transformed them into a clear, unique voice and identity. When Beth first showed us what she’d written I actually said “Wow!” out loud, she had captured and articulated the essence of our business so perfectly. And it’s not just us, our customers love it – love the culture, the vibe, the voice carefully crafted by Beth.

Fernando Pinho, dog lover and founder of Cambridge’s no.1 dog care company City of Dogs

Beth worked with BVA to help us identify our brand voice. She was a pleasure to work with and led the wider team through a workshop beautifully – questioning us and challenging us to think about what we want to say and why. We are now in the process of embedding our new brand voice across the organisation – thanks Beth!

Laura Fleming, Membership and Commercial Director at the very lovely British Veterinary Association

At a time when we were undergoing some major transitions in marketing and branding, Beth very quickly understood our needs, offering distinctive insights that were both creative and strategic. She managed to perfectly capture the voice and style of our organisation while simultaneously sharpening our communications – creating content that matched both our message and our audience’s interests and that was, above all, compelling and enjoyable to read.

Anthony Billington, deep-thinking Philosophy and Culture advisor at LICC

Beth understands how to use words better than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s a superb writer, but that’s not the half of it. Beth’s stand-out skill is her ability to identify the right tone of voice for the right situation and then use that tone of voice accurately, consistently and with the precision of a fresh scalpel. She’s a brand engineer, and her tool of choice is language. If you need someone to help you find all the perfect words, get in touch with Beth.

Eamonn Boylan, director at small-but-mighty design studio We Are Herd

*Just to be clear, this is a figure of speech. My clients aren’t horses. They’re people.

Ok wait, can we skip ahead?

Maybe you already know your brand’s voice isn’t where you want it to be – but what you don’t know is how to get it there. Well step right this way to find out more about how I can help get your sound sorted.


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