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Does your company sell tiny woollen hats specially made to fit naked mole rats with one ear born prematurely on a Tuesday morning in 2004? Nope? Then there’s really no way you’re the only ones who do what you do. There’ll be plenty of other brands who offer very similar products or services.

So basically your would-be customers are spoilt for choice.

Which means that whether or not they buy in isn’t only based on what you’re offering. It’s also based on whether they like you and what you stand for – and whether they feel you’re a brand they want to be associated with.

So if you want people to drop their dosh, you’ll need to find a way to crystal-clearly show them the personality and values of your business. And one of the best tools you have to show people those things, as they browse your site, skim your blog, or follow you on social, is your words.

Now I don’t mean just listing a bunch of overused attributes. ‘We’re approachable, reliable, and people-centred’, ‘Our products are high-quality’, ‘Our work is world-leading and forward-thinking’. Ugh. Blah.

It’s about more than what you say – it’s about how you say it. The kind of words you choose and how you arrange them.


Just look at the difference between these period product brands…



Our FLO-matic subscription packs are delivered (free!) straight to your door each month, making your period a little bit easier. No more ‘oops-is-it-here-already-I’m-out-of-tampons!’ moments. Plus, our tampons are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton – so they’re sustainable, reliable, hypoallergenic, and comfy as heck.



Get your period products delivered through your door (for free, babe) every damn cycle. Whether you’re after organic tampons that are as naked as the plant they came from (read: bleach-free, just the way your vagina likes ‘em) or something to soothe your cramps, we’ve got your back. 100% organic (& 100% bullshit- free) period products for when you’re bleeding, game-changing cycle care for when you’re not.


Both Flo (the first one) and OHNE (the second one) are successful, popular brands. Both offer a tampon subscription service. And both have a focus on eco-friendly products. So far, so similar. But the personality that comes through in each description couldn’t be more different.

Or how about these two end-of-life-planning companies…



So, what do you want to happen when you die? Do you want Rick Astley to sing at your funeral, a bronze statue of yourself for the garden, or perhaps send your mates on holiday? It’s your call. You just need to think about what you want, put plans in place, and share them with the people who need to know. Or, as we like to put it, create and share a Deathwish.



Life is complex and hectic, and it’s all too easy to forget the need to plan for the future. We all have wishes – we want to pass on the things we’ve built and the things we’ve earned to our family, friends and loved ones. But a wish without a Will is an empty promise – it’s something that has no power. We set up Kinherit to make sure your wishes become real.

(You’ve got DeadHappy on the left and Kinherit on the right.)

In both sets of examples, neither brand personality is right or wrong. They all appeal to different types of people. The key is that the brand personality is visible (even with no logos or images) and that’s a big part of what’s convincing people to choose one over another.

So how do you learn to wield words in this way? To use your language to paint a picture of the personality behind the product, giving your audience something to connect with and making them more likely to dole out their dough to you than to your competition?

You build a brand voice.

(Which is really just marketing-speak for finding a unique and consistent style of communicating that shows people who your company is, not just what you’re selling.)

And you can get started today by working through these 5½ steps to a brilliant brand voice.

Over a week-long series of emails I take you through the key questions and activities that will help your team develop a distinctive voice for your business.

That way you can stop blandly blending into the background – losing potential customers by the bucket-load – and start making the kind of connections that compel people to say yes to what you’re offering.

Ready to build your brand voice?