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How would you feel about a hospice promising warm and personal end-of-life care… in the abrasive and clinical style of a 1950s school matron?

What about the smart-city network making a claim to cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurial innovation… in long, convoluted sentences weighed down with boring, old-fashioned language?

Or the longstanding accountancy firm assuring you they’re keeping pace with the times… using out-of-date slang, try-hard puns, and a bewildering slew of exclamation marks?

If the way your business sounds jars with who you are and what you’re offering, it doesn’t really matter what you say – how you write will be putting people off from the moment they land on the website, read the blog, or pick up a leaflet.

So how can you avoid such a terrible fate and make sure the true brilliance of your business gets got?

Call the brand voice crafter

It starts with a simple chat, where I do a lot of listening and get to know you and your business.

Then I’ll plan and lead a team workshop, keeping things lively and interesting as we delve into the personality of your organisation and figure out together what that should mean for how you write.

Then I’ll develop that thinking further and flesh out the brand voice into a practical set of do’s and don’ts, complete with examples, which you – and anyone else who writes for your brand – can use to guide the language of your business from then on.

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Just a jot of joy

My small-group workshops aren’t quite as in-depth as my 1-1 brand voice work, but they cover a lot of the same ground and simply give you the tools to do the thinking for yourself.

And since numbers are limited to 10 people, you can get plenty of personal input as well as ideas from the group as we work through a series of practical exercises.

The workshops are especially great for solopreneurs, small independent businesses, and charities, as they offer high-quality help without putting a daunting dent in your dough.

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Brand voice: Make your marketing stand out in a busy world

Oxford, 15 Oct 2020

Struggling to write the content for your website? Don’t quite know how to talk to people about your business on social media? At a bit of a loss to simply and clearly describe what you do and what you offer? This workshop will help you nail down the key messages, the personality, and the voice of your business – in other words, both what to say and how to say it.

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