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About me

I’ve always been envious of you.

You people with big ideas.

You inventors, entrepreneurs, start-uppers, innovators.

You who find simple solutions to complex problems, who spot the gap in the market, who see and seize opportunities to do things differently.

You’re who I wanted to be when I grew up.

But it’s not my gift. My brain just doesn’t work that way I guess. I was always better at writing about other people’s ideas than coming up with my own.

And for a while that kind of bummed me out.

Then I came to realise something.

I might not be the one who comes up with the big ideas. But I can be the one who makes sure the big ideas get got.

The one who makes sure that all these brilliant products and services, which have the potential to make some part of everyday life better for people, don’t fail simply because they haven’t been expressed in a way that makes sense and is actually interesting.

That they don’t fail simply because the website copy is boring, or the campaign wording misses the mark, or the blogs and articles and leaflets and postcards just don’t tell a compelling story.

That they don’t go to waste.

So here I am today. Brand-voice crafter and wordsmith extraordinaire. And I’m not bummed out at all – I love my work!

From my early jobs leading Comms teams at some amazing charities to working as a freelance brand consultant and then copywriting for a creative digital agency, I’ve spent more than a decade crafting my skills as a writer and storyteller.

And now I get to spend my days digging into the brains of creative, innovative businesspeople – who are making waves in everything from biochemistry, the environment and human rights to education, career coaching and ethical clothing – getting to grips with their ideas and helping them find the words they need to move people to action.


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