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My privacy policy

Because I’m a basically-pretty-nice human being I think it’s important to respect your privacy and not use your data in annoying ways. Hurrah. So here’s the low-down…


How I get your data

I’ve only got your personal data if you’ve contacted me first – like if you’ve messaged me about working together or if you signed up to my email list. I don’t go in for shady stuff like buying lists or stealing data off social media platforms.


What data I collect

I don’t ask for or hold any data on people beyond their own name, company name, and email address. If you give me any other info (like confessing you’re a closet TOWIE fan or have a weird addiction to beef jerky) that’s fine and believe me I’m always tickled to hear about those kinds of things – but it’s your own choice to share that extra data and I don’t store it anywhere.


Where I keep your data

Only two places – in Mailchimp (which I use to send my email campaigns) and in Gmail (which I use to personally send and reply to emails).

Both are secure and password protected, accessed only by me and one other lovely person who helps me create and send my regular emails – and she’s signed an agreement that says she won’t take any of your data from Mailchimp or use it to do anything other than send you email campaigns you’ve signed up for.


What I do with your data

Not much to be honest, except use it to say hi to you! I never sell data, and won’t ever pass it on to any other people or organisations unless I’ve asked you first – like if I’m helping to connect you with another cool person I’ve worked with, for example. And I’ll delete your data any time you ask – which you can do either by unsubscribing from my regular emails (the ‘unsubscribe’ link is always at the bottom) or by emailing me personally on


I’m no cookie monster

We’ve all seen that standard small print pop up when you land on a new site, and most of us just click ‘yes’ so we can get on with what we came to do. But just in case you’re curious… cookies are small text files that get stored in your web browser and are used by most websites to help personalise your web experience. The only cookies my website uses are from Google Analytics, which helps me see how people are generally using my site – like which pages people spend the most time on and how they’ve found me. It’s quite useful.

But it doesn’t record any personally identifiable information, so I can’t tell how you specifically are using my site. And I don’t track people’s movements once they’ve left


Hopefully that all reassures you that I’m not a dodgy data dealer – but if you’ve got any more questions feel free to ask away at