Brand voice crafter and wordsmith extraordinaire


I know it’s not very British to get excited in public.

But the unavoidable truth of the matter is simply that I really really really enjoy what I do. And I know for certain that it can make businesses more real and likeable and successful.

So that makes it seem quite reasonable to regularly get in front of a microphone and tell people as much as I can about how to put language to work in way that parades their brand’s personality rather than obscures it.

So if that sounds like something you could get at least a little excited about too, then this is the space to find out where I’m next being let loose on a crowd, listen to some of my past rhapsodies, or talk to me about making your mic my next stop.

Come hear me get nerdishly worked up about brand voice

CONFERENCE: Find your brand voice

London, 7 Oct 2021

Are you a membership organisation? Then you’ll almost certainly be headache-inducingly familiar with the challenge of crafting a collective voice that genuinely represents your people and actually sounds the same wherever it’s heard.

Which is why I’ll be popping my bright red head up at the Memberwise #MEMX2021 conference to walk you through what it takes to wield words in a way that parades the personality, passion, and values of your organisation – so you can build up love and loyalty with your existing members and win over new people.

And since I’m giving the talk jointly with the British Veterinary Association, who I just helped with a massive brand voice project, you’ll be able to hear firsthand how an org just like yours took all this theory and put it into practice.


Deploy the joy


Got a conference, meet-up, or podcast you think would benefit from an almost worryingly enthusiastic speaker who hugely overuses the word ‘fascinating’? Then I’m the dame you’re searching for.

Just hit me up (verbally not physically) and we can talk through what your audience needs to know about brand voice – then I’ll sculpt an epic talk to give them a crap-ton of ideas and practical tips to help them get to work.


Get a feel for my speaking style

Brighton SEO

Hear me tell a room full of 750 keen-as-mustard digital marketers that while SEO savvy is great, it’s only half the equation – we’ve also got to know how to create content that human beings will actually be keen to read and respond to once Google shows them it exists. (I survived. Just.) I cover what the heck a brand voice actually is (and isn’t) and show just why it’s so damn important – then take them through the steps you need to go about getting one.

Imperial Enterprise Lab

Eavesdrop on this little Insta live session where I give a run down of the current trends in brand voice, discuss the best time for a business to develop their voice, and explore how brands in more ‘serious’ sectors can still sound friendly and relatable. (Plus you can enjoy the wonderful moment where my lockdown brain forgets the name of my own brand voice resource. You know, the only one I have. That I came up with the name for. That I promote all the time. FML.)

MarketEd (not) Live

What are some of the best voices out there at the moment and what can we learn from them? What do period products have to teach us about brand voice? Should you stop using jargon in your writing? Catch me chatting to the marvellous ‘Biz Paul’ Ince on the MarketEd (not) Live podcast where I not only answer all these questions but also indulge in a little rant about moronic marketers who say the key to brand voice is to “just sound more human”.

People who’ve happily handed me a mic

Straight from the horse’s mouth*

Bethany’s talk was entertaining, insightful, well-delivered and – unlike most of these things – left me with practical takeaways to assist the development of our brand’s tone of voice. Definitely recommended!

Matthew Luke, Creative Director at boundary-pushing web design studio Chaptr

I had the pleasure of hearing Bethany speak on brand voice at a conference last week, and I don’t say this lightly but I have to say she was THE best speaker I heard on the day – a cut above the rest. Very engaging and clearly loved her topic. Insightful, passionate, and fun!

Ben Dillon, Content Manager at Inkvine Communications

It was great to hear Bethany present on brand voice – her keynote was passionate, informative and definitely entertained the audience!

Jeff Bullas, marketing guru, international speaker, and Forbes Top 20 CMO Influencer

Bethany’s talk on brand voice was one of my favourites of the whole conference. She’s more than an entertaining speaker, she’s a smart wordsmith who provides real value for the audience.

Els Aerts, super smart CRO and user research expert at AG Consult

A breath of fresh air at a techie conference, Bethany presented on brand tone of voice with energy, enthusiasm and authority. Even as a seasoned professional copywriter myself, I would travel far to hear her again!

Kirsty Young, writer and SEO specialist at Invaluable Resource

Bethany’s deep knowledge as a wordsmith combined with her kind and enthusiastic personality resulted in one of the most pleasant talks I’ve watched.

André Vieira, genius at optimising customer journeys and Founder of Looptimize

Bethany is a confident, knowledgeable and exuberant speaker and it was a joy to host her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her speaking abilities and would gladly welcome her back!

Lisa Dempsey, organiser of smart design meetup UX Swindon

*Just to be clear, this is a figure of speech. My clients aren’t horses. They’re people.